‘If there was one word that could act as a standard for conduct for one’s entire life, perhaps it would be thoughtfulness.’      – Confucius

Adventures of MissEducation is about finding the inspiration to thoughtfully go about your life: to reach out and understand yourself and those around you, and–above all–to use this understanding to create a more peaceful existence.

Adventures of MissEducation features a couple of thought-provoking articles a week on inspiring stories from around the world (and a few from my own backyard), applying lessons to your own life, and learning to better yourself through knowledge.


My name is Rachel Musić, and I’m the creator and writer. I’m recently married, starting out in life and yearning to use my experiences to better myself, to learn about the world and reach the people in it, and use these new experiences and knowledge to create as much peace–within and without– as possible. I bicycle everywhere I go, and I adamantly believe in Santa Claus. Read More: The Beginning.

Note: This Blog is a revamp of a previous vision that I had years ago on Blogger. The Beginning is a repost of my first post on that blog. I did this because it was the best description of who I am and who I (still) want to be–for me and for you.


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