Learning to Engage: Rachel Macy Stafford, the Hands Free Mama

I am inspired. I am inspired by a woman who took the time and made the effort to change herself and her life into something she saw as important and worthwhile. Her name is Rachel Macy Stafford, and she started the Hands Free Revolution.

Don’t we all want our lives to be important? I know I do. Rachel Stafford felt that she was living an important life, until suddenly she wasn’t. She had fallen into the trap of “too many distractions,” and felt that her children were falling that way, too. And what was worse: her children ” had no idea they were being given the leftovers, the worthless scraps of their stretched-too-thin mother.” She realized that her children were also not living important lives; at least, important enough to warrant her full, distraction-free, loving attention. And they were learning that this was normal, accepted, and expected. For Rachel Macy Stafford, her inspiration for changing her perspective in life was her children.

She writes that she has discovered. or re-discovered, what is important to her, and took baby steps on her journey to re-connect with those things and people. This is what inspires me. Not that she chose her path of connection through disconnecting from technology, but that she chose to change her life in what she saw as a better and more positive way. She worked on herself, which took time, dedication, and no lack of constant motivation.

This. is. difficult.

I know from personal experience. I have changed my life once before; just after high school, I took myself off of a destructive path because I did not want that for myself. It took years and years of constant awareness and work and mistakes and practice. And here I am, working to improve myself further. Sometimes I just get tired. Tired of constantly questioning whether I’m making a good move, or struggling to understand the effects of some past decision. But people like Rachel, who have stuck to their guns and made worthwhile changes and successes in their lives are my inspiration to keep going.

What’s your inspiration? What’s your motivation? What do you want out of your life? 

Find the answers to these questions, and I guarantee you are stepping softly towards your own path of fulfillment and thoughtful living.

Discover more about Rachel Macy Stafford’s Hands Free life at her blog: Hands Free Mama.


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